Environment and energy

As a manufacturer of care beds for children, comfort beds an specialised beds for the elderly, heavy duty beds and Huntington`s disease patients we follow the philosophy to think holistically and also to raise the issue of environment and energy in the same circuit as our products.


All materials that are built into our products and especially the wood we use for the production are from afforestation and nature-friendly managed European forests. Deliveries are made from PEFC certified suppliers.

Production site:

The buildings of our company are more energy-efficient built than the current energy saving ordinance (EnEV) demands and our production area is also completely equipped with underfloor heating. Our bright and light-filled rooms have daylight and during daytime it mostly isn't necessary to turn on additional lightning, as a result much energy can be saved.

Machinery and equipment:

The wood waste generated during the production process (dust and chips) is pressed into briquettes and is environmentally provided for burning. The exhaust air is filtered and more than 80% of the residual heat can be fed back into the building by using a heat recovery system. Modern energy-efficient machines provide the lowest possible energy consumption.

Energy procurement (power):

The power supply comes from a 200 KW photovoltaic system. This means that energy requirement für the heating pump and most of the production system can be covered.