Get to know children's care bed Little Mila

Sweet dreams in the extra low care bed

Little Mila is already suitable for the very young. With a lying height of only 7 cm, the entrance is very low. This gives your child the chance to climb into its sleeping space independently.

Little Mila can be adjusted up to 80 cm high. The electric head and foot adjustment ensures the optimal lying position for your offspring.

Little Mila's individual strengths

Thanks to a minimum lying height of 7 cm (top edge of slatted frame), as well as a side rail height of 70-120 cm, your child not only sleeps comfortably, but also safely. With 4 doors on each side, the bed is also flexibly accessible. Little Mila has the Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg functions. With the help of the electric head and foot adjustment, you position your child in the appropriate lying position and thus support the therapeutic process. Firmly integrated padding protects against injuries and can also be retrofitted as an option.

Our advantages as a care bed manufacturer

Each of our children's care beds has its own special features. The listed features will help you decide which bed promises the best sleeping space for your child and also meets your requirements:

  • Various features, such as our
    bed padding, provide that extra measure of safety for your child.
  • Little Mila is also available with firmly integrated padding with vinyl windows.
  • Biologically neutral as well as pollutant-free materials (DIN EN 71-3) make sleeping and playing harmless.
  • Due to its robust construction, the care bed for children is stable and reliable.
  • Thanks to the back-friendly nursing height, the bed offers a high degree of comfort. It is also electrically adjustable.
  • You can choose the optimal size for your child from the selection of different bed sizes.
  • The equipment options are as individual as the care of your child.
  • A plexiglass window on both sides allows optimal eye contact with your child.
  • The large safe interior is ideal for sleeping, nursing and playing.
  • The colourful padding not only provides maximum protection, it also brings colour into the nursery.
  • No long wait for your child's new sleeping space, thanks to short delivery times.

All model variants are available with the following barred side heights:

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wood colours

Our beds are available in many wood colours. The beech wood is treated with the desired colour glaze, as an alternative to "natural oiled" - all options are biologically neutral and free of harmful substances according to DIN EN 71-3 (security of toys)!

Since wood is a natural raw material, every bed looks different. This makes your bed a real one-of-a-kind!

Lacquered surfaces are also available.

Make your choice...

  • choose model
  • choose size
  • choose equipment
  • choose wood tone

lying area/external dimension

  • 90 x 200 cm (size L)/103 x 232 cm (with motor cover)

barred side height/total height

  • 70 cm/83 cm
  • 90 cm/102 cm
  • 120 cm/132 cm


  • 4-winged folding doors on both sides (8 doors)

locking mechanism

  • SAVI-lock IV

lying height

  • 7 -80 cm electrical

satted bed base

  • electric adjustment
  • firm bed base
  • Trendelenburg- / Antitrendelenburg-function (sloping position)

kind of wood

  • beechwood „natural oiled“


  • polyfoam mattress
  • interior spring mattress
  • Reha-star mattress plus
  • Reha-star mattress II
  • cold foam mattress
  • incontinence cover


  • childrens name on the side of the bed
  • external lock on side of bed
  • feed tube hole
  • storage compartment with feed tube hole for hanging in
  • infusion holder
  • raising aid with grab handle
  • mattress holder
  • wood surface care set


  • fixed skai-padding 50 mm, with 8 vinyl windows, in grey 70 cm
  • fixed skai-padding 50 mm, with 8 vinyl windows, in grey 90 cm
  • fixed skai-padding 50 mm, with 8 vinyl windows, in grey 120 cm
  • egde padding

Here you can see some special versions we've produced to customer's order.
If you have special requests too, please contact us!