Care beds

Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves as a manufacturer of children's care beds. But we offer more! We manufacture comfort and special beds for adults, which are specially designed for senior citizens, heavyweight and Chorea-Huntington patients. Our beds offer young and old the support they need in everyday life and a restful night's sleep. A bed from SAVI is ideal for care in your own four walls!

Our care beds at a glance

Each SAVI bed model is characterised by its simple handling as well as its high level of comfort. Discover the different variants of our beds and their features!

Care in familiar surroundings

Probably the most important aspect of a care bed is the ability to care for loved ones at home. A special bed for the home is the first step towards bringing comfort and joie de vivre back into everyday life. Patients feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings and can also be close to their family.

To help you care for your loved one, our beds are equipped with a wide range of functions. The electrically adjustable bed height, for example, enables a posture that is easy on the back.

Further advantages of a care bed

As a care bed manufacturer with many years of experience, we know what advantages the beds bring with them:

  • Independence: Getting up and lying down independently becomes more comfortable in a care bed. Here you offer the person in need of care sufficient space for easy entry and exit and also promote mobility.
  • Support: Patients who are dependent on assistance can also lie down more easily in a care bed. This makes lying down in bed much more comfortable for both the person in need of care and the carer.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the height adjustment, our care beds can be adapted to your everyday life. Turn the bed into a therapy bed for easier treatment.
  • Guaranteed protection: Especially for a person with care needs, restful sleep is valuable. In our beds it is possible to sleep protected and comfortable. Thanks to the padding and side rails of many models, safety comes first!
  • Another plus: design the care beds according to your needs and requirements. Expand your bed with care bed accessories to make everyday life easier.

Design your individual care bed

The care bed is both an everyday helper and a place of retreat. So that it fits well into your life and your home, you can help design the bed according to your wishes.

Choose bed size

Every person is different. Therefore, after choosing the right model, decide on a suitable bed size.

Select wood tone

Charm like in a hospital? That doesn't have to be! When manufacturing our care beds, cosiness is at the top of the priority list. To combine cosiness and quality, all SAVI care beds are made of wood. The material is not only robust, but also ecological and makes your care bed a long-lasting companion.

Thanks to the warm wood tones, our beds bring a cosy atmosphere to any room. They are compatible with a wide range of styles. Choose your favourite from the colour palette:

Padding colours

Some care beds are equipped with side padding. Of course, you can also freely choose the colour design of the padding.

Special beds according to the highest safety standards

In order to guarantee the quality of our beds as well as the safety of our customers in need of care, our special care beds conform to the European standard and bear the CE mark. In addition, we are TÜV tested.

Delivery and assembly

Have you found the right bed? Then the delivery won't take long. We deliver our comfort beds with detailed and clear instructions for assembly. In addition, we provide videos that show you how to assemble your model.

We are at your side

You are not sure which care bed is the right one for your relative? Then talk to us and we will choose a model that suits your care needs. You can reach us on this phone number: +49 25 64 / 93 09 - 70.
Do you have a specific enquiry? Please use our contact form or send us an e-mail to