Bed padding

We basically distinguish between the bed nest (motif padding) and the Skai padding (fixed/fixed with vinyl/loose/edge padding).
Thanks to individual production of the beds, we can offer you the right padding for any need.
Make your bed safe with our padding. Protect your child when sleeping and also during the day when romping around.

The ultimate protection

Our fixed padding with vinyl windows offers a particularly high level of safety.
The integrated vinyl windows fit flush into the fixed skai padding and thus offer a similar padding effect as the fixed foam padding. The windows offer an optimal view!
So you have a better view of your child and your child feels visibly more comfortable.
No risk of injury for your child - absolutely unbreakable!

Simply specify the desired door elements in your order.

fixed Skai-padding with
vinyl windows

fixed Skai-padding with vinyl windows
- your child can perceive and participate in the environment despite the fixed padding
- best protection against injuries and still your child in view at all times
- fit flush into the padding
- unrestricted cushioning ability is retained


fixed Skai-padding (height 50 cm, thickness 7,5 cm, washable)
- suitable for small children/adults with an increased urge to move
(risk of injury is minimised)
- firmly screwed to the bed
- many colours to choose from: Skai colour palette fixed and loose padding


loose Skai-padding
- simple and quick attachment
- can be removed if necessary
- three different types of fastening (Velcro, Velcro strips or cord)
- many colours to choose from: Skai colour palette fixed and loose padding

edge padding

edge padding
- "playing it safe" with additional edge padding
(risk of injury is minimised)

bed nest

motif padding MALU (length 300 cm, height 50 cm, thickness 3 cm)
- especially suitable for babies/toddlers
- attachment: is easily attached to the bars of the bed with cords

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Special requests are also no problem for us when it comes to padding your dream bed. Please feel free to contact us!
We will find a solution together.

telephone: +49 2564 93 09 70