Chorea Huntington-beds

With extra sensitivity, we care for special requirements of people with Huntington's Disease to help finding their ideal bed. Patients with Chorea Huntington's Disease require (height-) adjustable beds with a soft and easy-care padding to prevent the risk of injuring. Our ChoReha-carebeds are sturdily constructed to fulfill the special requirements both of the patient and caring relatives and caregivers.

Bed range for Huntington's disease patients

Every person affected by Huntington's disease experiences the disease individually. This means that each patient has different care needs, depending on the stage and course of the disease. As a care bed manufacturer, we are aware of this and therefore offer a generous range of ChoReha beds. In this way, we help each patient find a bed that is a support for them and their carers in everyday life.

Safe sleep in special beds from SAVI

Chorea Huntington beds guarantee safe sleep for patients. The special padding of the side rails prevents injuries. In addition, the person being cared for gets sufficient sleep. Our programme includes numerous care bed dimensions and variants. Many of the care beds are compatible with each other.

To simplify care as much as possible, all Huntington beds have a four-wing folding door. This can be opened completely, which makes caring for the patient much easier. An electrically adjustable slatted frame provides additional lying comfort and contributes to the back-friendly care of your relative.

Advantages of the Huntington's disease beds at a glance

  • safety: All our ChoReha beds are equipped with padded side rails. This prevents the Huntington's patient from accidentally injuring himself or falling out of bed during the night.
  • care facilitation: Thanks to the folding doors, you can open the sides of the bed. You are quickly at the patient and nothing stands in the way of barrier-free care.
  • comfort: Especially in the advanced stages, patients with Huntington's disease spend a lot of time in bed. Therefore, it is important to make prolonged lying as comfortable as possible. The electrically adjustable slatted frame ensures this.

Care beds with a homely character

Rounded corners, different wood tones and contemporary padding colours give our beds a friendly and harmonious style. As our Chorea Huntington beds are used in a private environment, the design is particularly important. The bed must not only be functional, but also homely. Everyone should feel comfortable in and with the bed!