Get to know children's care bed Tom Paddy Edition

Tom Paddy Edition - ideal therapy support

Thanks to the folding door, the side rails and the flexible height adjustment options, the Tom in the Paddy Edition supports you in caring for your child. Thanks to the low entry height of just over 20 cm, even smaller children can climb into their childcare bed independently. In contrast to a "normal" cot, it meets your child's requirements and gives him or her a piece of normality.

Fixed padding for even more safety

The integrated vinyl windows fit flush with the fixed padding and still offer unrestricted padding capability. The padding is wipe-clean and provides extra safety. The windows allow you to look in and out. This way, you as a parent keep control over your offspring and your child feels more comfortable. On the whole, the bed gains in cosiness.


Why you should choose Tom in the Paddy Edition

The technical features of the bed offer many advantages for the care of your child.

With a side rail height of 123 cm, your toddler has no chance of falling out of bed. In addition, the lying height can be flexibly adjusted between 20 and 90 cm. This has advantages for both you and your child. It can get out of bed on its own and you can set a height that is easy on your back.

Optionally, we can equip the bed for you with a Trendelenburg/Antitrendelenburg function.

Technical features at a glance

  • High side rails: Tom Paddy Edition has a side rail height of 123 cm.
  • Lying height: The lying height can be flexibly adjusted between 20 cm and 90 cm.
  • Trendelenburg/antitendelenburg function (optional): This positioning can specifically help with your child's therapy.
  • Vinyl windows: The windows offer you control options and your child safety and a greater feel-good factor.
  • Integrated padding: The padding is an integral part of the bed and can be cleaned easily.
  • Integrated padding and vinyl windows: All our beds can be equipped with permanently integrated padding AND vinyl windows on request. Your child gets everything from the outside and is safe at the same time.

Why you should buy our Tom Paddy Edition childcare bed


  • Easy handling: When processing the doors and other bed elements, we pay special attention to ensuring that everything is smooth and easy to handle.
  • Safety: A childcare bed must be safe! That's why the Tom Paddy Edition has a childproof lock.
  • Combination possibility: The bed can be combined with a wide variety of slatted frames.
  • Adjustability: You can adjust the bed to the right care height in no time at all.
  • Child-friendly processing: When processing the wooden surfaces of our beds, we take great care to ensure that everything is treated in a child-friendly manner (DIN 71-3 safety for toys). Because we don't want your child to get hurt!

  • Load capacity: Tom Paddy Edition can hold a person weighing up to 150 kg.
  • Extensive accessories: Do you have additional wishes? Tom Paddy Edition can be extended with accessories.
  • Construction: The bed is stable and reliable.
  • Bed size: Tom Paddy Edition is available in two sizes (90x200 cm and 90x170 cm).
  • Wetness protection: Each of our children's care beds is equipped with wetness protection so that it can withstand sweat and saliva.
  • Standard-compliant: All our children's care beds comply with the specified standards and regulations. For example, they all have a minimum side rail height of 60 cm.
  • Short delivery times: We won't keep you waiting long for the care bed!

Have you decided on a bed?

Get in touch with us! Together with our knowledgeable experts, you can tailor the children's care bed to your child's needs. We look forward to helping you!

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Our wood tones/surface finish

Our care beds are available in various wood tones/surface finishes:


colour accents


wood colours

Our beds are available in many wood colours. The beech wood is treated with the desired colour glaze, as an alternative to "natural oiled" - all options are biologically neutral and free of harmful substances according to DIN EN 71-3 (security of toys)!

Since wood is a natural raw material, every bed looks different. This makes your bed a real one-of-a-kind!

Lacquered surfaces are also available.

Make your choice...

  • choose model
  • choose size
  • choose equipment
  • choose colour accents
  • choose wood tone

lying area / external dimensions

  • 90 x 200 cm / 120 x 238 cm
  • 90 x 170 cm / 120 x 208 cm


  • four-winged folding door

locking mechanism

  • child proof SAVI-lock I
  • child proof SAVI-lock I, metal
  • child proof SAVI-lock II
  • child proof SAVI-lock III
  • child proof SAVI-lock IV

lying height (top of the slatted bed base)

  • 20 cm - 90 cm (low entrance)

door height / total height

  • 123 cm / 155 cm

slatted bed base

  • not adjustable
  • manually adjustable head-/foot element
  • electrically adjustable head-/foot element
  • firm bed base
  • Trendelenburg-function (sloping position of the lying area)

running gear

  • without castors (low entry height of approx. 20 cm)
  • small castors (low entry height of approx. 27 cm)

kind of wood

  • beech wood, colour accent "nature"


  • polyfoam RG 35
  • interior spring mattress
  • Reha-Star Plus mattress
  • Reha-Star II matress
  • cold foam mattress
  • incontinence cover


  • children's name on the side of the bed
  • external door safety catch on the bed side
  • entry aid in blue or creme
  • hose feed-through
  • storage compartment with tube feed-through for hanging up
  • infusion holder
  • raising aid
  • mattress holder
  • step protection for the slatted frame
  • wood care set
  • net-roof
  • roof with lexan and ventilation holes
  • bluetooth-control


Here you can see some models we've produced to customer's order.
The Tom Paddy-edition is only available in standard sizes 90x200 cm and 90x170 cm and is because of that within a short time deliverable. Please contact us if you have special requests!