Care bed "Si" - retreat at night and care assistant during the day

The "Si" care bed supports you in caring for your relative at home. It combines comfort and functionality. The person in need of care spends restful nights in this bed and you are ideally supported in everyday care thanks to the useful functions. Of course, the care bed is also suitable for use in inpatient facilities.


Robust care bed with feel-good factor

"Si" is characterised above all by its load-bearing capacity. The bed can easily support a person weighing between 150 and 350 kilograms.

As with all our bed models, the homely character is not neglected with this care bed either! We manufacture the bed in the wood tone of your choice. So it is guaranteed to match the rest of the furnishings in your four walls.

To achieve the desired wood colour, we treat the wood surface with a wax-oil combination. This has been tested under health and ecological aspects and according to DIN EN71. So you can be sure that the quality of our products meets the highest standards!

A bed with added value

Are you wondering what functions and features the "Si" model has to offer and why you should purchase it? As a care bed manufacturer, we know how to support you in your daily care routine. All our beds are equipped with a wide range of functions. The "Si" model has the following features:

  • Professional construction: The care bed "Si" is characterised by its excellent construction. This makes the bed a reliable companion.
  • Adjustable lying height: The lying height is between 40 and 80 centimetres and can be easily adjusted electrically.
  • Adjustable elements: You can also adjust the headboard and the foot element individually.
  • Compatibility: The "Si" model can be combined with all slat frames.
  • Wetness protection: Like all our care beds, "Si" is also resistant to wetness. The bed complies with IP54/IP66| EN 60601-2-38.
  • Optional extras: Depending on your wishes, we can manufacture the bed with a foot cut-out that can be moved underneath with a patient lift. In addition, it is possible to equip "Si" with an insertion or comfort lowering guard to prevent the person in need of care from falling out.

Sizes of the care bed

A bed should be designed according to its owner. Only when all the conditions are right can you spend quiet and restful nights in the bed. For this reason, we offer the care bed "Si" in different sizes. Choose the right dimensions and give your relative a bed in which good sleep is pre-programmed.

Single bed

  • 90x200/210/220/230 cm
  • 100x200/210/220/230 cm
  • 120x200/210/220/230 cm
  • 140x200/210/220/230 cm

Request your care bed

You are interested and want to get the care bed "Si" for your home? Then send us an enquiry with your wishes and requirements. Together we will plan the special bed according to your specifications and manufacture it in the shortest possible time. This means that "Si" will quickly find its way into your home.


Our wood tones/surface finish

Our Chorea-Huntington and special beds are available in different wood colours/surface finishes.

Make your choice...

  • choose model
  • choose size
  • choose equipment
  • choose colour accent

lying area / external dimension

  • 100 x 200 cm / 115 x 215 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm / 135 x 215 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm / 155 x 215 cm

lying height (top of slatted bed base)

  • 40 - 80 cm
  • low foot element

side rails

  • without barred sides
  • 1 adjustable barred side
  • 2 adjustable barred sides
  • 1 manually removable barred side
  • 2 manually removable barred sides
  • adjustable elements on head and foot element


  • load up to 150 kg
  • load up to 350 kg

slatted bed base

  • not adjustable (for load up to 350 kg)
  • manually adjustable (for load up to 150 kg)
  • electrically adjustable (for load up to 150 kg)
  • electrically adjustable (for load up to 350 kg)

running gear

  • cut out 12 cm (for patient lift)
  • 4-castor running-gear


  • polyfoam RG 35
  • interior spring mattress
  • Reha-Star Plus mattress
  • Reha-Star II matress
  • cold foam mattress
  • heavy weight mattress (for load up to 350 kg)
  • incontinence cover


  • raising aid
  • bed table with electric console
  • bed table without console
  • perspex within the sides
  • fixed Skai-padding
  • edge padding

Here you can see some special versions we've produced to customer's order.
If you have special requests too, please contact us!