Care beds for children

Care beds for children from our manufacture bring parents the necessary relief in everyday life and give to, both girls and boys, an increase of joie de vivre. With SAVI you will always find the best possible solution.

Material wood – natural harmony

If you buy a SAVI nursing bed for children, you may be sure that it has been manufactured with the greatest care. Very important: the material wood is our choice. Touching the naturally grown material is a pleasant, motivating feeling especially for children.

SAVI care beds for children are available in numerous variants. Whether "Tom", "Niklas", "Knut" or another bed model, all are characterized by easily comprehensible handling and very good therapeutic support.

Creating a little joie de vivre

We develop our beds continuously. Innovations arising from the exchange of experiences with institutions such as children's homes and with nurturing parents.

Our aim is to bring quality, ergonomics and your individual wishes into harmony with nature so you and your child are satisfied. All our beds comply with applicable European standards, bear the CE mark and are compatible to each other.

We will help you solving your care problems and together we will find the optimum care bed for your child. If you need an advice or want to order a particular bed please call us: +49 - 25 64/93 09-70.

Note on children's care beds

Manufacturing and designing our care beds for children, we have taken into account the following points:

All models have a safety grid border of at least 600 mm. This measure is mandatory for children's care beds.
Models with electric height adjustment have a residual heigth of ​​at least 300 mm if the lying area is completely raised. This is very important for the child's safety when you clean or treat your child. Also this measure is mandatory.

Subtle colour accents provide long-term "beauty" of the bed. The child grows and in later years an excess of color is rather disturbing, also like quite colorful bars that remain colorful!