Care beds for children

Care beds for children from our manufacture bring parents the necessary relief in everyday life and give to, both girls and boys, an increase of joie de vivre. With SAVI you will always find the best possible solution.

Children's care beds at a glance

Our bed models are characterised by easy handling and very good therapy support. Here you will find a selection. Click on the beds to discover their features, different versions and choices.

You can't find the right children's care bed in the selection yet? Special designs are no problem thanks to our many years of experience. Feel free to contact us!

We know what is important in children's care beds

Your everyday life with a child with a handicap

As a care bed manufacturer, we know the special needs of your child, but we always have an open ear for your wishes, because who knows your child better than you? That's right, no one.

Our care beds should be fun and give you and your child security. A place of well-being for the night but also for small relaxing time-outs during the day. Therapeutic and ergonomic requirements as well as spatial conditions are not disregarded. With the right choice of colour, the bed becomes a real highlight in the child's room. But not only your child, but also you play a major role for us. Care heights that are gentle on the back (electrically adjustable is also possible) and viewing windows in the bed so that you can have eye contact with your child - such things must be taken into account. Safe padding and additional care bed accessories according to your needs can also be found at Savi.

The choice of children's care beds is wide, so we are very happy to support you with a personal consultation.


Wood as a material - natural harmony

If you buy a care bed for children from us, you can be sure that it has been manufactured with the greatest care. Very important: wood is the declared material of choice. Touching the naturally grown material is a pleasant, motivating feeling, especially for children. The special beds are made from selected safe raw materials, which are also considered from an environmentally friendly point of view.


Creating a piece of joie de vivre

We are constantly developing our beds. Innovations result from the exchange of experiences with institutions such as children's homes as well as with caring parents.

Our goal is to harmonise quality, ergonomics and your personal wishes with nature so that you and your child are satisfied. All children's care beds conform to European standards, bear the CE mark and are compatible with each other.

We help you solve care problems and find the optimal children's care bed together with you. Call now for advice +49 (0) 25 64 / 93 09 - 70. Do you already have a more specific enquiry? Then feel free to use our contact form or send us an e-mail to

Note on children's care beds

We have taken the following points into consideration when manufacturing and designing our children's care beds:

Compliance with safety regulations

  • Safety side rail of at least 600 mm (this dimension is mandatory for children's care beds).
  • Models with electric lying height adjustment have a residual grid height of at least 300 mm when the lying surface is fully raised. This is very important for the safety of the child when changing diapers or during therapy.

Colour selection

Subtle colour accents ensure the long-term beauty of the bed. The child grows and in later years an excess of colour (such as very colourful bars that always remain colourful) is rather distracting.

Our selection shows that natural wood colours are also real eye-catchers: