Locking devices

Our beds have well thought-out and child-proof locking systems that prevent the doors from being opened unintentionally from the inside. To ensure that your child is well looked after and finds sleep during the night, you can choose between several types of locking for the care bed with us.

We always work with two independent safety locking systems.
Our "easy close" locking system is a fixed component and is part of the basic equipment of every bed. All SAVI systems can be operated with one hand and are therefore not only safe, but also practical and easy to use.

door lock "easy close"

Safety first - the SAVI door locking systems

  1. Child-resistant SAVI lock I (basic equipment)
  2. Child-proof metal SAVI lock I
  3. SAVI lock II
  4. SAVI lock III: The labyrinth guide prevents accidental opening by the child. This lock is keyless and without a magnet, and can also be retrofitted.
  5. SAVI lock IV: This lock is also opened by means of a labyrinth guide. However, it is also opened against a resistance. This lock is keyless, without a magnet and can be retrofitted.
  6. External door locks

Advantages of the locks

Our locking systems for the children's care beds make your daily care routine a little easier and safer for your child.

  • two independent locking systems
  • child-proof locking systems that prevent the doors from opening unintentionally from the inside
  • the external door safety catch increases the stability of the bed and offers even more safety


You want your child to be optimally cared for and safe? We will be happy to help you choose the right locks for your bed! Simply get in touch with us.

telephone:  +49 2564 93 09 70
e-mail: info@savi.de