therapy bed Felix b

New: height-adjustable from 57 cm up to 93,5 cm!

It is often the small practical aids that decide whether something is good or bad in everyday use. As manufactures of furniture for rehabilitation purposes, we have incorporated this valuable experience in the design of our new therapy bed. The result is a multifunctional bed in a design that appeals to children.

basic model

  • height adjustable with castors: 57 cm up to 93,5 cm
  • 4-castor running gear with total locking mechanism
  • humidity protection: IP 54 splashing water (IP 66 on request)
  • max. carrying capacity: 150 kg / 50 kg (head- and foot element)
  • max. lying area: 261 cm x 100 cm
  • min. lying area: 172,5 cm x 100 cm
  • sides: 42,5 cm x 100 cm each
  • sides, hinged: + 18° up to - 90°
  • handswitch


  • for therapy by Bobath/Vojta
  • adaptable
  • sides hinged and angle adjustable
  • electrical height adjustment
  • friendly, attractive design
  • compact, can be used with castors

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