Skai padding

Thanks to the individual order-related manufacturing we can offer you the adequate padding for your individual requirement.

1. Removable Skai-padding

Our removable Skai-padding includes all of the below listed variants!

2. Fixed Skai-padding

The bed sizes are adjusted so the electrical height adjustment can operate freely (this version can NOT be retrofitted).

Choice of colour fixed and removeable Skai-padding

Our colour range of fixed and removeable Skai-padding as PDF-file: Choice of colours fixed and loose Skai padding (en)

3. Motif padding

The motif padding can easily be attached with cords at the sticks of the bed.

4. Fixed Skai-padding with Vinyl-windows

The fixed Skai-padding with Vinyl-windows allows the patient to look out of the bed.

5. Edge padding

The padding around the edges to protect against injury.