Huntington's disease beds - sleep in safety

Our nursing beds for Huntington's disease patients are distinguished by spedial padded cot sides. The fixed padding offers the patient effective protection against injury from uncontrolled movements.

Advantages of these beds

  • prevention of injuries (positive side effect: no medical costs)
  • the cot sides ensure that the patient stays in bed during the night
  • the patient gets the necessary sleep
  • By using of this special bed it can be avoid that the patient injures himself during the night and that there is enough freedom of movement he/she needs due to the illness.

The most appropriate cot-side height and padding type (incl. padded rims) must be selected to ensure that the patient remains in his/her bed during the night and gets enough sleep.

Advantages of our special bed ChoReHa (c)

  • cot-side height: 40 cm
  • padding height: 40 cm
  • electrically adjustable bed height: 40-80 cm
  • free choice of wood tone
  • free choice of colour of Skai-padding
  • four-winged folding doors
  • optional under-floor illumination

Bed sizes

Bed also available in 210 cm and 220 cm length as well as in custom sizes.

Single bed

  • 90x200 cm
  • 100x200 cm
  • 120x200 cm
  • 140x200 cm

Our wood tones/surface finish

Our care beds are available in various wood tones/surface finish. Furthermore, you can choose between various colours of padding.

Available favourite colours and suitable padding colours

Make your choice...

  • choose model
  • choose size
  • choose equipment
  • choose colour accent

lying area / external dimenstions

  • 100 x 200 cm / 128 x 223 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm / 148 x 223 cm

lying height (top of the slatted bed base)

  • 41 - 76 cm electrical height adjustment
  • 41 - 91 cm electrical height adjustment, only model (b)
  • 40 - 80 cm electrical height adjustment, only model (c, d, e)

barred side

  • four-winged folding doors
  • four-winged folding doors on both sides

barred side height

  • ChoReha (a): 40 cm
  • ChoReha (b): 64 cm
  • ChoReha (c): 40 cm
  • ChoReha (d): 60 cm
  • ChoReha (e): 70 cm

slatted frame

  • electrically adjustable

running gear

  • 4-castor running gear

Skai-padding colour

  • brown
  • creme
  • skyblue
  • blue


  • polyfoam RG 35
  • interior spring mattress
  • Reha-Star Plus mattress
  • Reha-Star II matress
  • cold-foam mattress
  • heavy-load mattress (load capacity up to 350 kg)
  • incontinence cover


  • raising aid
  • perspex at the barred sides
  • edge padding

Here you can see some special versions we've produced to customer's order.
If you have special requests too, please contact us!