Get to know children's care bed Niklas

The children's care bed Niklas is the latest addition to our wide range of children's care beds for rehabilitation purposes. It was designed with extreme flexibility and functionality of the barred sides in mind. The children's care bed is accessible from all sides because the sides can be lowered independently of each other. Top safety paired with unrestricted freedom - it's your choice.

Remarkable features of children's care bed Niklas

  • barred side height 60 cm, lowerable on all sides
  • eleectric adjustable sides (option)
  • removable corner postsn (option)
  • lying height 76 cm - 116 cm
  • Trendelenburg-function (sloping position) (option)
  • perspex or with sticks (option)
  • choice of colour accents
  • low sound closure technology with "smooth-function". The lock is from wood and because of that it is very quiet! (option)

Why you should purchase children's care bed Niklas

  • easy door handling with child proof lock
  • can be combined with all bed frames
  • optimum adjustment possible to correct care height, even for tall people
  • the wooden surface is treated suitably for children (DIN 71-3 toy safety)
  • body weights of up to 150 kg possible
  • extensive accessories
  • professional construction style, high stability and reliability
  • available in various bed sizes (up to 180x220cm)
  • short delivery time
  • humidity protection
  • barred side height of 60cm (DIN-regulation) available!

Advantages of the electric adjustable sides

  • easy to handle at the push of a button
  • lockable control element prevents unsupervised opening
  • can also be operated by people with disabilities
  • minimal operating strength required (pushbutton)
  • infinitely adjustable
  • barred sides are adjustable in reasonable time
  • conformity with international bed standards - important for care beds!

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Our wood tones/surface finish

Our care beds are available in various wood tones/surface finishes:


colour accents



wood colours

Our beds are available in many wood colours. The beech wood is treated with the desired colour glaze, as an alternative to "natural oiled" - all options are biologically neutral and free of harmful substances according to DIN EN 71-3 (security of toys)!

Since wood is a natural raw material, every bed looks different. This makes your bed a real one-of-a-kind!

Lacquered surfaces are also available.

Make your choice...

  • choose model
  • choose size
  • choose equipment
  • choose colour accents
  • choose wood tone

lying area / external dimensions

  • 100x200 cm / 115x215 cm
  • 90x200 cm / 105x215 cm
  • 90x170 cm / 105x185 cm
  • 65x155 cm / 80x170 cm


  • 4 barred sides adjustable in steps (lowerable)

lying height (top of the slatted bed base)

  • 76 - 116cm (entrance height app. 76 cm)
  • 47 - 87cm (low entrance height app. 47cm)

barred side height / overall height

  • 60 cm / 140 cm
  • 40+20 cm / 110 cm

slatted bed base

  • not adjustable
  • manually adjustable head-/foot element
  • electrically adjustable head-/foot element
  • Trendelenburg-function (sloping position) (inclination of the slatted bed base)

running gear

  • four-castor running gear (plastic)
  • 4 designer castors wood (option)

kind of wood

  • beech wood


  • polyfoam RG 35
  • interior spring mattress
  • Reha-Star antidecubital mattress with incontinence cover
  • latex mattress
  • incontinence cover


  • 4 removable corner posts
  • only 1 side adjustable, 3 sides fixed
  • only 2 sides adjustable, 2 sides fixed
  • quiet shutter technology by smoothing function
  • sit up aid
  • perspex instead of sticks
  • complete perspex
  • complete sticks
  • motif padding PAULA
  • motif padding PAUL
  • motif padding GRETA
  • removable Skai-padding
  • fixed Skai-padding
  • edge protectors from Skai
  • mattress-holder
  • play bow of wood
  • play bow of metal
  • raising aid
  • children's name
  • coloured sticks
  • drawers
  • penetration protection
  • wood care set
  • touch protection
  • adaption of the bed for sloping ceiling
  • electric adjustable side rail (1 long side)
  • electric adjustable side rail (both long sides)

Here you can see some special versions we've produced to customer's order.
If you have special requests too, please contact us!